rship as well as helping
 to shape a litera

all of them are Chinese stories, but at the same time they are the stories of human

ry tradi
tion in China that honors
the rea▓lities of c

kind," he said▓.Recently Cao's books have been making their way into

s worlds," Aldana highligh
ted.Born i▓n 1954 in

the world and have found enthusiastic readers in Britain, France, Germany and Ital

a small
rural village in Yanchen
g, Jiangsu provinc▓e, C

y.Cao wished that the world will increasingly look at China's literature with a more f

ao spent

his childhood in poverty. He nonethel

air and open attitude, and that Chinese authors will make an effort to use a

e▓ss was ab

language that is suitable for translation, a communication style

that can be understood by the entire world.His understanding of children's literature is "creating

le to study

at Peking Univ

a good human nature basis for the sake of humankind," Cao told

Xinhua.Literature has a fundamental artistic value, he stressed, and Monday's prize has confirme

ersity and i

s now a professor of Chinese

d that Chinese children's literature has a high place ▓in the world."There will

certainly be other Chinese authors who will win the Hans Christian Andersen Prize in the future," he concluded.Ge

rman illustrator Sonja Danowski has drawn the pictur

es for▓ Cao's "Grass Hut", a novel which mirrors the memorable years of a boy's primary school life amid de

eply moving and profoundly touching events."I met Cao

two years ago here in Bologna, he saw my works and liked the style, because he likes a realistic interpretation of sto

ries, and so▓ he thought that my style could be suitabl

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